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Only at AMarkets: get +2% to your affiliate remuneration!

2022 11月 15

Dear Partners,

While our competitors introduce new fees and commissions, AMarkets cancels them entirely and even pays an additional bonus for the withdrawal of your affiliate rewards.

Withdraw at least $500 of your partner reward to a cryptocurrency wallet in USDT and Perfect Money and get an additional 2% of the total withdrawal amount* from AMarkets.

Suppose you are withdrawing $10,000 of your reward to your Perfect Money wallet. Two percent of this amount is $200 – this is how much we’ll add to the withdrawal amount. So, in total, you will get $10,200. It will be credited to your Perfect Money wallet.

Maximize your profits and earn even from your own withdrawals with AMarkets!

*Withdrawals with a 2% bonus are available once a week.