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FFixed 帐户功能

此类账户的主要特点是使用固定点差,非常适合每笔交易为固定金额的用户。这类账户适合Position Trading(头寸交易 )。

订单执行 Instant execution / Market execution
初始保证金 $100 / €100
杠杆作用 最高1:3000 1
小数定价 最多4位
订单量 最低0.01手,差额0.01手
传播 固定点差,最低3点 2
伊斯兰账户 可选
交易时间 周一 00:00/周五 23:55(欧洲东部时间
委员会 - 3
级别“Stop Out” 20%
对冲头寸的保证金 50%
账户币种 美元、欧元
交易工具 28 Forex; 7 Metals; 13 Indices; 11 Commodities; 2 Bonds; 427 Stocks; 19 ETF; 27 Cryptocurrencies 4
  1. More detailed information on leverage ratios is available at this link.
  2. The values of the fixed spread may differ depending on the instrument, at night and during the release of key macroeconomic events. On indices, commodities, stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies the spread is floating.
  3. No commission is charged on currency pairs, metals and indices.
  4. The maximum cumulative volume for cryptocurrency positions is $100,000.