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Copy trading service for traders

How it works

  • You create strategies in the personal area
  • Investors copy your trades and earn from it
  • You receive up to 50% of their profit as a reward
Group 300

Monthly payments

The system calculates trading results every month and transfers your earned trader’s fee to your Copy Trading account


You can set the amount of profit yourself

When creating a strategy, you decide what % of the investor’s profit you want to receive


Easy to attract investors

The minimum opening deposit for Copy Trading account is only $100


Automated system

New investments do not require changes in your trading. The creation of new investments and the closure of the existing ones is fully automated


Strategy statistics

You can receive a statement for each investor individually and see all actions of your investors: investment amount, parameters of the trade, remuneration (trader’s fee), etc

Make up to 50% of investors’ profit

received from copying your strategies

Copy the best

We have compiled a ranking list of the most successful strategies. You can find it below.

All time
Last 7 days
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Max Drawdown

How to become a trader


Open account


Verify your account


Deposit $100 or more into your account


Create a strategy in your Personal area

When creating a new Strategy, you select the type of your account in MetaTrader 4 platform: Standard, Fixed or ECN.

The conditions of the Copy trading strategy will be identical to the conditions of the selected account type.

The list of instruments available for trading can differ depending on your account type. You can see the full list of trading instruments in the MetaTrader 4 platform after you open an account.

Terms of service and provision of the Copy trading service are determined by the Regulations on trading operations.