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Regulations on transferring positions to AMarkets

1. General description of the service

AMarkets provides its clients with the opportunity to transfer their open orders from another brokerage company to AMarkets while maintaining the positions open. The transfer of open positions to AMarkets is performed at the same prices at which these orders were opened by the Client at another company. To apply for this procedure, the Client has to leave a request, attaching the login, the company’s IP server and investor password from the trading account, created in the MetaTrader trading platform.

2. Instructions for transferring a trading account

1) Create a Personal account by registering on the Company’s website

2) Complete the verification procedure in your Personal account area by uploading the page of your passport containing your personal details (scanned copy or photo).

3) In your Personal account area, open a trading account with suitable trading conditions and fund it using any of the available payment methods.

4) Send an email to the AMarkets company – and a letter requesting to transfer your trading account to the email address of the manager. In the subject line of the letter, indicate “Requesting a trading account transfer ”. In the body of the letter, indicate the following information: “I, (indicate your full name), Wallet number at AMarkets, request to restore my open orders to the trading account (indicate your trading account number with AMarkets). I’m attaching all the details of my trading account with another Company (login and investor password for the trading account, IP server of the company and numbers of market orders to be restored). I, (indicate full name), hereby also confirm that all the conditions for restoring open positions have been explained to me, and I fully understand and accept all these conditions for restoring open orders at AMarkets.”

3. Terms and Conditions for Transferring Orders to AMarkets

3.1 When carrying out the “Transfer of orders to AMarkets Company”, positions are reopened at the same prices at which they were opened by the Client earlier with another Company in accordance with the data provided.

3.2 Requests for transferring positions are processed if the account conditions of another broker are as similar as possible to the account conditions at AMarkets.

3.3 When performing the transfer of positions, the Balance of the Client’s trading account is adjusted by the amount of total profit/loss on positions to be transferred, taking into account current market prices at the time of the transfer.

3.4 Only previously opened by the Client market orders can be transferred to his trading account with the Company. The existing pending orders, such as Sell Limit, Sell Stop, Buy Limit and Buy Stop, as well as Stop Loss and Take Profit on open orders, are not subject to the transfer and have to be restored by the Client independently.

3.5 The minimum required deposit amount for carrying out the Transfer of positions to a trading account is 500 US dollars.

3.6 The request for the transfer of positions is considered within 2 working days from the moment of its receipt by the Company, but the Company will strive to facilitate the process and consider such a request as quickly as possible. In some cases, the consideration period may be extended.

3.7 A request to transfer positions to AMarkets is submitted via email to

3.8 These Regulations can be amended by the Company unilaterally at any time. In this case, the Company undertakes to notify the Client about the changes being made by all means of communication available.

3.9 The company has the right to refuse to consider the request for the transfer of positions at its sole discretion, without disclosing the reason.
Date of Last Revision 01/05/2023
AMarkets LLC registered in the Cook Islands with registration number LLC14486/2023